About Us

About Us

Here at Embel we value customers! We have tried every single hair product on the market and to get the ultimate hair care routine you either need to try 10 products (which by the way takes about 4 hours of your time a week) or go to a salon to get a treatment. We have researched the key ingredients needed for optimal hair care, hair growth, hair maintenance and therefore, we have created this hair mask. Our goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in using one product to achieve salon results. If you don’t have time to be that person who has a 5-step hair routine or the funds to go to a salon. We understand! Hence why the hair mask is created. To be used in the shower or as a treatment which is quick and easy whilst providing amazing results that your hair will thank you for!


Our Purpose

We want to build natural, vegan products which give our hair the health benefits it needs. We believe in using the correct ingredients that promote hair growth, treat scalp issues, and overall provides the nutrients that our hair needs.

Our Core Values

Recyclability   - We use recyclable plastic for our bottles. We want to make sure that everything we can do for the planet we are doing it.

 Competitive Pricing– Accessible prices for all customers. We want to make sure that everyone will be able to buy this hair mask when they can.

 Inclusion – We put our customers first in everything we make. We want everyone to feel confident and we will help with this wherever we can.

 Long Term Impact - We lean towards long-term impact. Making changes to the way we think about our hair.

If you have any question, feel free to visit our FAQ page. Alternatively please email us at info@embelhair.com.